13 Best Automotive Seat Cushions for Long Drives, Back Pain & Hemorrhoids

Long drives can be tiring, and it gets worst if you have back pain and neck stiffness during the middle of the ride. The good thing is the best car seat cushion featured below can help to make your driving experience more comfortable.

If you use a well-built and ergonomic-designed seat cushion for car, you can get rid some of the stress during a long drive. They can even be helpful for the elderly passengers and serve as seat booster for children too.

These car seat cushion for long drives are also excellent for truckers, delivery workers, bus drivers, and anyone who are stuck inside driving for long hours.

So, if you’re looking to buy the best ergonomic car seat cushions, you came to the right place. We’ve researched and compiled a list of the best car seat cushions currently in the market, below.

So, in this article, we’ll explore:

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Discover the Best Car Seat Cushion That Can Make Your Ride More Comfortable

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Back pain and other body maladies can easily be avoided if you invest in a good car seat cushion.

There are many options to choose from when it comes to the best ergonomic car seat cushion. Some are designed especially for people with orthopedic conditions, toddlers, hemorrhoids and etcetera.

Through careful review and peer analysis, below are some of the products that can be the best seat cushion for your car.

Now, if you’re not the type who fancy reading through reviews but want to know which is the best seat cushion for car quickly, then we’d like to recommend the above three as the best car seat cushion for long drives, back pain, and hemorrhoids.

But, if you want to consider all the purchasing options carefully, there are many types you can choose. Here are some of the best car seat cushion for you to check out:

1. ComfiLife Premium Seat Cushion

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When looking at car seat cushions, one of the best choices to get is this one from ComfiLife. It’s not just for your cars. You can use it in the office chair, wheelchair, flights, and the like.

This cushion is made from 100% High-Density Memory Foam that is known to be durable, comfortable and can good at retaining the shape according to your contour.

Its memory foam is also heat and weight responsive. However, do note that it can provide less support as the weight increases.

I have been using this product daily for almost three months. It has rid of all my tail-bone pain. Don’t think twice – buy this product. You won’t regret it. – Amber, Amazon

It can help you relieve back pain, reduce pressure on your tailbone, and even improve your posture.

This cushion has a non-slip rubber bottom so it won’t slide while you’re using it.


2. Everlasting Comfort Pure Memory Foam Luxury Seat Cushion

[amazon box=”B01EBDV9BU” star_rating_link=”none” image_title=”Everlasting-Comfort”]

If you are looking for the best seat cushion for sciatica or back pain, then you might want to look into this cushion from Everlasting Comfort.

It is made from 100% Pure Memory Foam and is free from additives. It has an advanced heat responsive technology that reacts to the heat of your body to let you stay comfortable even sitting for a long hour.

This cushion is also made with an ergonomic U-design to help relieve the symptoms of your body pains like sciatic nerve pain, pregnancy pains, lower back pain, and so much more.

It has a non-slip rubber bottom that keeps it securely in place while in use. Beware, though, that the rubber bottom might stain your light-colored seats. So, lay a towel underneath it.


3. Clever Yellow Car Seat Cushion

[amazon box=”B00Q5HXQ9O” star_rating_link=”none” image_title=”Clever-Yellow”]

Another car seat cushion for leg pain, tailbone pain, and other types of posture pain that you might want to check out is this one from Clever Yellow.

It is made from a breathable mesh material which is combined with the Clever Foam molded core to create a no-flatten design that will not lose its shape quickly.

Its U-shaped, orthopedic wedge helps improve your posture and relieve pressure on your lower spine, so it’s great for long rides, wheelchairs, and other types of chairs.

This cushion can also provide excellent lumbar support at 2.5 inches high, effectively raising your seat height.

You can also use its adjustable strap to buckle it securely to your seat.


4. Aylio Memory Foam Socket Seat

[amazon box=”B07K6T8WDJ” star_rating_link=”none” image_title=”Aylio”]

Another brand who’s known in the industry is Aylio, and this is an excellent seat cushion for car.

It is made from High-Density Memory Foam which can provide you with long-lasting support. It is also created with 3D Spacer Mesh that can keep you fresh and comfortable all day long.

This cushion is ergonomically designed to fit the contours of your body, and take off pressure from your hamstrings and bones.

Its two holes, tailbone cutout, and ergonomic contours are made to alleviate the pain that your bones, hips, and lower back are feeling.


5. Ergonomic Innovations Donut Tailbone Cushion

[amazon box=”B01LSR1FD4″ star_rating_link=”none” image_title=”Ergonomic-Innovations”]

If you want to relieve some of your body pain like at the back, then the best car seat cushion for tailbone pain (a.k.a coccyx pain), and etcetera are needed. This cushion from Ergonomic Innovations may be the answer.

This cushion has a U-Shaped design that helps avoid friction that might prevent blood flow to your legs while still improving your posture and relieve pressure on your tailbone.

It has a non-slip base that keeps it in place while you’re using it in cars, wheelchair, and while traveling, and so on. For hygienic purposes, it also has a removable and machine washable cover.

It’s portable and lightweight so you can carry this cushion wherever you go.


6. Cylen Memory Foam Bamboo Charcoal-Infused Seat Cushion

[amazon box=”B01G1CBYAK” star_rating_link=”none” image_title=”Cylen”]

Another excellent car seat cushion if you are experiencing body pain is this cushion from Cylen which might be a good choice for you.

It is designed to provide pressure relief from your tailbone and lower back. This cushion is made from high-quality Memory Foam which hugs the contours of your body for maximum comfort.

Plus, this cushion is ventilated. That means it can maintain proper temperature because of its air mesh cover so you won’t be uncomfortable with the heat.

It even has bamboo charcoal that prevents moisture that comes from humidity, leaving your cushion cool and comfy all day.


7. SOFTaCARE Seat Cushion Coccyx Orthopedic Memory Foam and Lumbar Support Pillow

[amazon box=”B01I76ELYO” star_rating_link=”none” image_title=”SOFTaCARE”]

There are a lot of types of body pain that you might encounter due to bad posture. The best orthopedic car seat cushion like this one from SOFTaCARE might be your solution.

It is made from 100% Premium Memory Foam that will keep you comfortable on all hard surfaces, like office chairs, car seats, and desk chairs as well as use it while traveling.

This cushion can help decrease the pressure on your coccyx, relieve pain caused by your lower back and sciatica, and even provide you with adequate lumbar support.

It is made with a non-slip rubber bottom and adjustable straps so that it doesn’t slip while you’re using it.

This cushion is also made from 3D breathable mesh to control the temperature.


8. Xtreme Comforts Coccyx Orthopedic Memory Foam Seat Cushion

[amazon box=”B00V2L5JRA” star_rating_link=”none” image_title=”Xtreme-Comforts”]

Another excellent choice for an orthopedic seat cushion for your car is this one from Xtreme Comforts.

It is made from Ortho-Seat Memory Foam that is ergonomically designed with a U-Shaped cut so that your tailbone will have minimal pressure on it.

Furthermore, this cushion’s contour surface is designed to distribute your body weight evenly on the seat for maximum lumbar support.

It even has a non-skid, anti-slip bottom that helps keep it in place. This cushion also has a removable and machine-washable cover for washing.

As for the mesh design, it provides incredible breathability so you won’t get hot all day.


9. Bod Support Seat Cushion Back Support Set

[amazon box=”B077KM3H5J” star_rating_link=”none” image_title=”Bod-Support”]

For people that are suffering from hips, tailbone or back pain, you will also need the best car seat cushion for back pain and Bod Support cushions can help you with that.

The cushion is made from orthopedic Memory Foam that helps relieve pressure on your coccyx and hip.

It also has a mesh back support that decreases symptoms felt because of lower back pain, sciatica, arthritis, and the like.

This cushion has a non-slip gel rubber bottom so that it won’t slide around while you’re using it.


10. Aukee Genuine Leather Lumbar Support Cushion

[amazon box=”B01LMU2OB4″ star_rating_link=”none” image_title=”Aukee”]

If you’re looking for the best lumbar support car seat cushion, then this pillow from Aukee is one of your best choices. It’s also one of the best car seat cushions for long drives beside Aylio.

It is made from Memory Foam designed to provide lumbar support, relieve back pain, improve posture, and promotes your blood circulation.

First of all, the quality is an A, the leather is good, the fabric on sides, back, and elastic band is unobtrusive. – Fernand Ray, Amazon

It has a breathable mesh cow leather cover that is removable and washable. This cover improves breathability which means air can travel through it and keep you cool.

This cushion is lightweight and portable so you can use it in your car, office, home, and even on your travels.


11. Gemci Pure Memory Foam Relieves Seat Cushion

[amazon box=”B07HRHMK21″ star_rating_link=”none” image_title=”Gemci”]

If you’re looking for a coccyx seat cushion to alleviate your back pain, then you might want to check into this cushion from Gemci.

It is made from heat-responsive Pure Memory Foam which is designed to provide maximum comfort.

This cushion is also ergonomically designed to provide natural pain relief from problems like sciatica, tailbone injuries, and the like.

Great cushion. Very comfortable! Love the cover can come off and be washed as well as the carrying case it comes with. – Liza W., Amazon

Its U-Shaped cut also promotes better posture. This cushion also has a non-slip gel rubber bottom, so you don’t have to worry about it sliding around while in use.

The compatibility of this cushion is universal, so you can use it at home, in your office, while traveling, and so on.


12. Misila Wellness High-Quality Donut Rebound Foam Cushion

[amazon box=”B07BTGHYVJ” star_rating_link=”none” image_title=”Misila-Wellness”]

If you’re looking for a seat cushion for hemorrhoids, you might want to try this cushion out from Misila Wellness.

It is made from high-quality, firm Rebound Foam that is designed to provide high support and durability.

It is created with a donut design to help alleviate the pressure on your backbone. It doesn’t flatten and reshapes quickly for high performance.

It can also be used for pregnant and post-partum women as well as people suffering from hemorrhoids. You can even use it for your travels because it’s highly portable and lightweight.


13. Desk Jockey Lower Back Pain Lumbar Pillow Support Cushion

[amazon box=”B00OVCLBYW” star_rating_link=”none” image_title=”Desk-Jockey”]

The great thing about seat cushions is that you don’t need to use it in cars only. This pillow from Desk Jockey can also be used as an office chair pillow, travel pillow, and etcetera.

It was designed by a board-certified physical therapist to help promote healthy sitting habits.

That is why it is made with 100% Clinical Therapeutic Grade Memory Foam that supports your lower back, reduces sitting pain, and provides maximum comfort.

It also has a breathable fabric to allow air circulate and provide you a cool seat. Also, the removable and machine washable seat cover lets you easily remove the cover and wash.


Benefits of A Car Seat Cushion

The main reason why a car seat cushion is built is to provide you and your passengers with maximum comfort and also help to reduce body pain due to posture issues.

Automotive seat cushions are built to help relieve the pressure off of your body. So, your hips, buttocks, and lower back are more relaxed when in contact with the seat surface.

Car seat cushions can also help you maintain the proper posture of your body. They are designed to help minimize posture-related health problems by correcting your posture while sitting.

In a way, car seat cushions can also help improve your blood circulation. If you can maintain proper posture, your blood can circulate easily and more efficiently to your lower limbs.

Another reason (but not as primary) is that some seat cushions are designed with a heating element. They can keep you warm and cozy during the cold winter months.


What to Look for When Buying A Car Seat Cushion


When you’re looking for the best ergonomic car seat cushions for your orthopedic conditions, there are certain factors that you have to consider.

Things like size, ergonomic design, breathability and such are characteristics that are geared to be more functional. They can help you make sure that the car seat cushions you’re getting will fit your vehicle seats as well as fit for you.

Color, fabric material, and the like are the things that are chosen more towards your personal preference and can also help maintain the aesthetic beauty of your interior.

Below are a few factors worth considering when buying your car seat cushion:

  • Size

Remember the size of your car seat. Make sure that the dimension of your seat cushion fits the size of your car seat.

Even though some seat cushions are labeled as ‘universal,’ there’s no guarantee that it will actually fit nicely with your specific vehicle.


  • Ergonomic Support

One of the most important aspects of a car seat is its overall design, especially its ergonomic point. You will want a seat cushion that is firm and sturdy.

These kinds of cushions can help support your weight without adding pressure to some parts of your body like your coccyx and tailbone.

An ergonomically sound seat cushion can help you relieve the pain from chronic back problems and even sciatica.

Now, you will want a cushion that has a notch somewhere where the coccyx or tailbone can be found. Your cushion should also mold seamlessly with the contours of your hips and buttocks.


  • Filling Used

Not all car seat cushions are made with the same filling. Most of them come with foam padding. But there are still other materials that are used.

Some are made with fiberfill, others with solid foam. Some car seat cushions are made from polyester granules.

All of these fillings, even foam padding, have their pros and cons. So, make sure you know what they are before you purchase your seat cushions.


  • Fabric Material & Breathability

While not as important as, let’s say, the ergonomic support of your seat cushion, some people are also picky with the fabric material used to cover their cushion.

There are many kinds of fabric used in seat cushions, like leather and microfiber. It’s up to you what you get. You can base your choice on how lasting the cushion may be or the visual aesthetic that it can bring.

You should also look into the breathability of the seat cushions you’re getting. Some materials have poor ventilation and will get you all sweaty during the warmer seasons.

Getting a cushion made from breathable fabric will guarantee that heat and moisture won’t be locked away inside your seat.


  • Durability

Of course, any smart buyer only selects a product that’s made from high-quality materials. Make sure you’re getting a seat cushion that can withstand the pressure of constant use.

It should be able to retain its shape over time even if you use it every day. For example, many form filling cushions will deform after a few uses especially the cheap ones.

Not only that, but a good seat cushion would also be made from a non-slip and durable fabric that can keep your cushion from being damaged too much.


  • Maintenance

Since your car seat cushion will be used daily, there’s a high chance that it will get dirty. You will want a product that can easily be cleaned.

There are car seat cushions that the cover is removable and machine washable. Some can even be wiped clean with a damp cloth. If you don’t have a lot of time to spare, pick these kinds of cushions.

Otherwise, it’s alright to get one that needs to be cleaned more thoroughly and carefully.

Learn how to clean your cloth seat covers and cushions, watch this video:



Types of Car Seat Cushion

You may need a car seat for sciatica, specifically. Or it’s also possible that you might need a coccyx cushion as well.

Whether you need a car seat cushion due to orthopedic problems or you want a car seat cushion for long drives, it pays to know the different kinds you can buy.

That’s right! There are different types of car seat cushions, and all of them have their advantages and disadvantages.

  • Inflatable

If you’re not sure how high or low you want your seat cushion to be, an inflatable one is an excellent choice for you. That way you can customize how much air would be in it when you use it.

You can also control how soft or firm your seat cushion would be. However, this kind of cushion requires more effort to set up.


  • Seat Wedges

Seat wedges are perfect if you’re after ideal posture. They are designed to make your pelvis sit higher than most seat cushions.

Another excellent thing about wedges is that most of them come with a belt that you can wrap around your car seat so it won’t wiggle around while you’re driving.


  • Memory Foam

You’ve probably heard and read about memory foam more times than you can count. When it comes to car seat cushions, most people will prefer ones made with memory foam.

These are great if you have posture and health problems like lower back pain, sciatica, and the like. But not all people need solid foam cushions like these.

So make sure to consult your doctor and ask for his recommendation before buying your car seat cushion.

Want to know how to make a cushion cover? Watch this video:



FAQ Section

  • Are the cushion and cover fabric waterproof?

Depending on the manufacturer of the car seat cushion, some made their cushion to be waterproof. However, this is not necessary all the time.

For example, if the cushion filling is made of form, and form is a porous material and is water-absorbent, not waterproof. Then, in this case, the cushion is not waterproof.

Although the filling might not waterproof, what some manufacturer does is they include a waterproof liner or casing to make the car seat cushion waterproof.

This liner or casing usually is a removable cover that can be cleaned in your washing machine. However, if the fabric was only treated with some chemical, it may just be water-resistant.

Also, pay attention to the manual on how you can best wash the cover because. Some manufacturer uses dye on the cover. This can lead to discoloration if not washed according to instructions.


  • Will these fit bench seats in a truck?

Car seat cushions are designed to cradle the buttocks, and it’s designed for single person use only. If your truck has a bench seat, you can still use a car seat cushion on it without any problem.

Technically, a car seat cushion will fit a truck’s bench seat, maybe not the way you may have imagined.


  • Can the car seat cushions support a heavy person?

For car seat cushions, their maximum weight capacity is determined by the density of the filling material (i.e., foam) including its thickness and the kind of material that is used.

Most manufacturers made their car seat cushion using only a single block of high-density support foam. This foam usually can support a weight capacity of anywhere between 150 and 300 lbs.

There are also manufacturers that use layering technology to layer different foam materials. A common design is to use 2-inch high-density support foam topped by an inch of orthopedic memory foam for support and comfort.

Simply put, the thicker the foam, the more weight it can handle from the user, and it won’t become flatten or deform that easily.

Unfortunately, not all manufacturer will list their product maximum support weight. Therefore, it’s essential to check the online review for a clue.

If you’re buying from Amazon, you can even post a question at the product page, and either the user or the manufacturer will respond to your question.


  • Can I use it on a motorcycle?

Absolutely not. Using a car seat cushion on a motorcycle is dangerous. Most of the car seat cushion size is between 16-inch to 19-inch, and that will be too large for the width of a motorcycle seat.

If you’re looking to put a seat cushion on your motorcycle, then have to buy one specially made for motorcycle use.

Typically, these are designed like saddles so that they can be secured onto a section of your motorcycle seat.

If you’re looking to shop for one, you can buy some of the best motorcycle seat cushions, here.


More Seat Covers

A car seat cushion for long trips is definitely helpful. Some may even say they are a necessity to avoid potential posture issue for people that sit for most of the day.

However, the best car seat cushion isn’t the only accessory you will need to enhance your driving experience and make it comfortable.

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