13 Best Seat Covers For Cars, SUV & Trucks (Reviews & Buyer’s Guide)

If you’re looking for the best car seat covers for your car, you came to the right place. There are different types of covers you can choose from depending on your need; from padded car seat covers to fitted seat covers.

Also, there are many different brands as well. For example, Cover King seat covers are one of the well-known brands that not only protect but also adding a sleek look to the interior of your vehicles.

However, to find a good seat cover that fit your car and needs can be challenging and time-consuming due to too many considerations and choices.

So, to help you out, we’ve researched and compiled a list of the best rated car seat covers in the market right now. We’re confident that the list will help you to find the perfect automotive seat covers.

So, in this article. We’ll explore:


Discover the Top-Rated Car Seat Covers for Your Car

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Car cover seats are sold by many different brands. Some are known while others, not so much. In this car seat cover reviews, we’ll show you all the best seat covers for cars in the market right now.

Also, there are a lot of ways to choose what cover to get because of the many options available. You can choose depending on fit, fabric, or design.

So, here are some of the best car seat covers that have ample of good ratings and satisfied buyers:

1. Sunluway Universal Leather Car Seat Cover

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Want to be extra and have seat covers that can level up your car interior? You should probably check out this one from Sunluway.

It comes in a lot of exciting colors and can fit many car models. Just make sure to check out their list to see if your car is included.

It is made from leather, soft linen, and flannelette, so you know that it’s really for luxury and comfort.

The overall design of the cushion cover is also made to look neutrally good, not too dull or too dazzling.

Plus, it’s super easy to install and clean. Also, the Sunluway Car Seat Cover is one of the best rated car seat covers by many satisfy buyers too.


2. FH Group PU204102 Luxurious Leatherette

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Do you want to upgrade your car’s look to be more luxurious? Then, this leatherette cushion pad from the FH Group is perfect.

This seat cover set is a universal fit that has elastic sides for a more flexible fit and custom look. They also have non-slip interiors as well as silicone backing that helps keep your covers in place.

WOW!! These look just like the picture when I put them on. Very comfortable. – Charlotte R, Amazon

Each set includes 2 front bucket seat covers that each have a bottom cover, a backrest cover, and a headrest cover.


3. Fia TR40 Wrangler

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Want a unique design for your back seat? Are you thinking about Western vibes? Then you’d probably like this saddle blanket seat cover.

It has multidirectional stretch trim that molds itself to every side of your seat for a better fit.

Plus, it also features the Super-Grip technology, a slip-resistant fastening system, which used buckle fasteners, Velcro, and zippers.

Best of all is that this seat cover is made with colorfast materials that will not fade or run easily. You can even hand wash it.

Want to learn how to install covers for your back seats? Watch this video.


4. Saddleman Camo

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Not everyone is satisfied with a universal fit seat cover. You might want one that was made specifically for your car.

This custom fit seat cover is an excellent investment if you want only the perfect fit for your vehicle. It is made to order.

It can easily protect your vehicle through its breathable and durable non-woven polyester fabric.

You won’t have any problem with this seat cover since it has a simple slip-on design for easy installation. Plus, it can resist fading, mildew, and stains.


5. Leader Accessories Black Faux Leather Front Sideless Car Seat Cover for Truck or SUV

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Now if you’re looking for the best seat covers or trucks or the best cover seats for an SUV, then you’d probably like this one from Leader Accessories.

It’s super easy to install since it has a sideless design but can cover all the essential parts of your auto.

This design allows it to be more flexible and with the adjustable straps, it can probably fit most cars, SUVs, and trucks.

Fantastic quality! I’m a runner who sweats a lot and these have really saved my upholstered car seats. In addition, they come in handy with keeping the muddy paws of my new puppy off my seat… – Sheryl Mika, Amazon

It is made from faux leather with a soft foam padding, making it highly durable and breathable. Plus, it is easy to wipe and clean.

We think that the Leader Accessories Sideless Car Seat Cover is one of the best value car seat covers due to its low price and high-quality product.


6. CalTrend Neoprene Car Seat Cover

[amazon box=”B00JB1ATQE” star_rating_link=”none”]

Want something comfortable, sleek, and unique? Then you’d love this neoprene seat cover from CalTrend.

It is super easy to install, and you would not even need any tools. This seat cover has a slip-on design that makes for a quick install over your original upholstery.

Each cover is custom made for your car and is done through a precision cut. That means you don’t need to worry about any wrinkling.

It is even made from high-quality wetsuit material that offers excellent protection and a unique style.


7. TiiL Universal

[amazon box=”B01C3BI6OK” star_rating_link=”none”]

Are you an athlete, or do you often go to the gym and sweat a lot after? Then you’d probably love this universal fit seat cover from TiiL.

It is made from a highly absorbent microfiber material that is durable and resistant to stain. It can easily fight off sweat, dirt, salt, and even snow. You don’t need to worry about stuff sticking or smelling bad.

It also features a silicon-bead, non-slip technology that keeps your cover in place.

Plus, this bacteria-resistant seat cover is always the right temperature as it keeps you fresh in summer and warm in winter.


8. URPOWER Waterproof Padded

[amazon box=”B07CMYRQN1″ star_rating_link=”none”]

Does your pet go with you on adventures? Then you know how much of a hassle it can be cleaning up after your pet rides your car.

You need a pet cover for your seats. This one from URPOWER is made from quality heavy-duty polyester that is known for its durability, waterproof and resistance to scratches.

Awesome deal. Fits over my seats in SUV nice and snug. As if it was custom made. Straps around back to keep that way. Saves seat from hair, slobber and clawing. – Timothy Laughlin, Amazon

It has a built-in rubber, non-slip backing and a quick-release buckle that keeps the cover securely in place. Plus, it’s machine-washable and super easy to clean.


9. Coverking Neosupreme

[amazon box=”B003AOO2IO” star_rating_link=”none”]

Want a cool race car-looking interior? This seat cover from Coverking will definitely make you happy.

It is made from top-notch neoprene fabric that is known for its insulation properties as well as soft and comfortable feel. It can also effectively protect your seats from most damage.

Plus, they are water-resistant and easy to clean. All you need to do is wipe spills away. Its stitching design is also made with buckles and zippers for a better fit.

It is also tailor-made to your own car’s specifications.


10. Coverking Spacer Mesh

[amazon box=”B000ZAPXX4″ star_rating_link=”none”]

If you like the race car look that the other Coverking product did, then you’d also like this other one. This car seat, however, is made from Spacermesh material instead of Neoprene.

Spacermesh is known for its breathability because of the closely-spaced holes made in its design.

It also gives importance to your comfort. It can also keep you cool during the hot weather and warm during the cold weather.

Like the seat cover above, this Coverking product is also tailor-made to your car’s specifications.


11. Big Ant Breathable Cushion Pad

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While full-coverage seat covers are more popular and more accessible to buy, not everyone needs full protection. You might also like this bottom seat cover from Big Ant.

It is bacteria-resistant and breathable to help protect your seats from fading and cracking. It is also made without any toxin and has a non-slip rubber backing to help keep it in place.

This seat cover is made from leather that will keep you comfortable for a long time. It is also easy to clean.

The Big Ant Car Seat Covers pricing is very affordable but don’t let the low price fool you to think that it’s an inferior quality product. This seat cover has many satisfied customers and rated highly too.

The Big Ant Car Seat Covers is another one of the best value car seat covers due to its low price and high-quality product.


12. EDEALYN Ultra-Luxury PU Leather

[amazon box=”B01MTLYJWF” star_rating_link=”none”]

If you have a small car, another bottom cover to look into is this ultra-luxurious one from EDEALYN. It is made to fit almost all midsized and compact vehicles.

It probably would not fit trucks, super size sedans, and SUVs. As a note, the size of this seat cover is W 20.5” by D 21”.

The material used to make this seat cover is PU Leather, so you know that it is highly durable, resistant to water, and luxurious looking.


13. Gorla Premium Waterproof

[amazon box=”B01LBRDARU” star_rating_link=”none”]

A waterproof car seat cover makes it easier to clean away accidents like spills. It is also the best car seat cover for when you go to the beach a lot or if you live somewhere rainy.

This seat cover effectively protects your seat from sweat, spills, pet fur, dirt, and grime. It has a non-slip backing that keeps your cover in place.

Plus, it won’t stick to your skin! This neoprene material is super comfortable to sit on. It even has a seat belt protector since water would probably seep into that as well.


Best Dog Covers for Car Seats


You love your pet; there’s no doubt about that. You would probably enjoy it more if he can go with you on outdoor adventures and the like.

Unfortunately, pets can be messy even when they try not to be. They’ll leave lots of fur (and probably drool) behind on your seats. They might spill stuff accidentally or track in dirt inside your car.

It’s a good thing, then, that they have invented the best car seat cover for your dog.

The best car seat covers for dogs can help keep your interior clean, and your pets safe and comfortable during the ride.

Need to look for the best car seat covers for pets? Check out this article: Best Dog Covers For Car Seats.


Best Leather Seat Covers for Cars

Leather car seats covers are another type of protection that you might want to look into. They are easily washable, highly durable, and can be super comfortable.

Leather seats are easily affected by temperature. You’ll probably have a cool seat when it’s cold. Unfortunately, it also gets hot when the weather is warm.

But the best thing about leather seat covers is their look. They are some of the best-rated car seat covers because they can make your car seem luxurious.

Interested in the best leather seat covers? Check out this article: Best Leather Seat Covers


Why Should You Use A Car Seat Covers?


Quality seat covers can protect you from a number of different things. Let’s face it. Your interior and car seats are predestined to experience harsh use throughout its lifespan.

From passengers tracking in mud and dirt to environmental effects from UV rays, the only way to keep your interior safe from harm is not to use your car.

But that’s just counterproductive. That’s why you should have seat covers that can protect your actual seats from getting abused.

After all, seat covers are easier to replace. Here are a few situations that make a seat cover handy:

  • Dirt & Spills

Accidents happen all the time. Most people do not deliberately spill their drinks into their lap while driving, but it still happens.

You’ll be lucky if you only spill water, but what if it’s something sticky like soda or hot like coffee? Spills can leave unwanted and unattractive stains on your seats.

Waterproof seat covers can do a great job in protecting them from harm. Plus, waterproof covers are easier to wipe and clean.

The same goes for dirt and grime. No matter how you try to prevent it, you will still bring in mud from the outside into your car, so a seat cover is an excellent preventive measure against contaminants.


  • Friction

Not a lot of people take into account the friction that happens when you go in and out of your car. After all, it all happens in a very fluid and fast motion.

However, the friction still puts a lot of stress on your seats. The texture of your clothing scrapes on the surface of your upholstery.

After regular use, the fabric of your seat will weaken and become threadbare. Having a seat cover allows you to replace it when worn out easily.


  • Moisture

Sometimes you go on a trip that’s surrounded by water like on the beach or to the local pool. Other times you could be slightly drenched from a surprising rain shower.

Even though you’re not soaked to the bone, moisture can still cling to your clothes and will probably affect your upholstery.

Many damages result from moisture and fabrics that did not dry thoroughly. You may get stains, or the feel of your leather seats may get tacky.

You may even find yourself sitting on stinky and moldy car seats.


  • UV Damage

No matter how much you try to avoid UV damage, it will still happen. After all, the sun will always be there when you drive your car out.

Sadly, your exterior isn’t the only place affected by UV radiation. Even your car interior can fall victim to sun damage.

You will probably experience a bleaching effect or cracks on your upholstery over time. To save your seats from permanent damage, a seat cover is the way to go.


  • Kids & Pets

It doesn’t matter how much you love them. Kids and pets are messy passengers, and it’s not always their fault.

There will be times that kids will wipe their candy-covered hands all over your upholstery or your dog might leave unwanted fur behind.

These might be easy to clean at home, but it can be a big hassle if done inside the small space of a car. A seat cover makes it easier and more flexible for you to clean since you can take it out.


What to Look for When Buying Car Seat Covers


Whether you’re looking for the best truck seat covers, the best SUV covers, or plain ol’ car seat covers, there are a few features you need to keep in mind.

These features will help you find the best car seat cover brand that fits your own needs.

  • Colors

Of course, color plays a significant role in choosing the car seat cover that you like. After all, it can affect the whole aesthetic of your car interior.

There are many colors to choose from, but the most common are black, gray, and beige.

You can also have your seat covers customized to any color you might like. You can also choose to have them two-toned or multi-color.

However, the customized car seat can be expensive depending on the complexity as well as the material used.

Aside from colors, some car seat covers also have patterns that you can choose from. There really is a lot of options on how to make your seat covers look.


  • Materials

Colors aren’t the only ones that require you to choose according to your needs or preference. Even the texture of your seat cover can be wholly different depending on what you prefer.

The materials used to create car seat covers are very varied. All of them have different advantages and disadvantages to them.

Fabric seat covers are the most affordable. But you can also choose seat covers made from nylon, polyester, and even canvas.

If you’re looking for something more novel and unique, you can opt for denim and corduroy car seat covers. Of course, you can also go premium with leather seats.


  • Fit

Since there are various car models out there, it isn’t surprising that car seat covers also have different fits.

The three most common fits for car seat covers are custom fit, semi-custom fit, and universal fit.

A universal fit is the most affordable and most accessible to buy. They are designed to fit most vehicles and will come in the broadest range of colors, styles, and materials.

However, universal fit seat covers do not cover all vehicle models nor will they fit as perfectly on some.

Semi-custom fit models are in-between. They are created from pre-made patterns that will fit on your vehicle and other similar sized cars.

They can fit better than the universal alternative but not as great as a custom one.

A custom-fit car seat cover is the most expensive of the bunch but will fit the best on your car. This is made-to-measure, so you know that you’ll be getting a guaranteed perfect fit.


  • Purpose

Car seat covers offer lots of protection from different kinds of situations. But not all materials can protect from all types of accidents.

That’s why you should think about the environment you will most often be in. If your car is for business purposes in the city, you might want leather or velour seats to show luxury and comfort.

If you are with kids and pets more often than not, opt for waterproof covers made from nylon, neoprene, and the like.


  • Warranty

Last but not least is the warranty. A lot of accidents can happen to your car interior just by your daily activities.

Some of these might be covered under warranty and will save you a bit of money if you need them replaced.

Some even offer 100% Money Back Guarantees if ever the car seat covers do not meet your requirements. So it’s a good idea to check if the products you’re getting are covered.


What is the Best Material for Car Seat Covers?

The best fabric for seat covers highly depend on your need and preferences. There are a variety of options to choose from.

To help you out, here are a few common fabric materials used for top-rated car seat covers:

  • Leather: Most expensive, highly durable, easy to maintain but more effort is required, though.
  • Cotton Canvas: Most affordable, breathable, best for hot and humid climates.
  • Neoprene: Durable, water-resistant, best for water-related activities and rainy climates.
  • Sheepskin: Durable, warm, best for cold climates.
  • Velour: Durable, luxurious feel, protects from UV rays.
  • Poly-Cotton: Affordable, durable, protect from moisture and UV rays, easy to maintain.
  • Saddle Blanket: Durable, sturdy fabric, tightly woven, gives ‘Western’ vibes.

Want to upgrade your entire car interior? Watch this video for some inspiration:


More Car Interior Accessories

The best car seat covers are not the only type of interior accessories that you could use in your car.

Many other useful tools can keep your vehicle clean and comfortable while you’re out driving.

Needless to say, these accessories can make your driving experience better and more secure.

Want to learn more about interior car accessories? Check out the articles below for more information, tips and buying guides:

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