17 Best Steering Wheel Cover Choices (Review & Buying Guide) For 2019

Unfortunately, most cars nowadays still come with generically steering wheels that can be too slippery and hard to grip. That’s why the best steering wheel cover is a necessary accessory to enhance its usability.

Steering wheel covers help get rid of pesky problems that original steering wheels have. It provides you with a better grip and allows better temperature control.

The question now is, how can you differentiate between a regular steering wheel cover and the best one fit for you and your ride?

Read on the steering wheel cover reviews and buying guide and you will find all the information you need to select the best car steering wheel covers.

So, in this article, we’ll explore:

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Discover the Best Steering Wheel Covers

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A steering wheel wrap and cover come in many different types. You can also get them in different material and different colors.

Now, if you’re not the type who likes to read through reviews but want to know which is the best steering wheel cover and wrap quickly, then we’d like to recommend the above three best pick.

But, if you want to consider all the purchasing options carefully, there are many types and brands you can choose from. Here are some of the best steering wheel cover for you to check out:

Best Leather Steering Wheel Cover

1. Wheelskins Universal Size AXX

[amazon box=”B00065WNK4″ star_rating_link=”none” link_title=”Wheelskins Universal Size AXX” image_title=”Wheelskins Universal Size AXX”]

If you’re looking for a sleek and simple steering wheel cover that has a universal-fit, you might like this one from Wheelskins.

It uses genuine leather which feels luxuriously smooth to the touch. This cover is a favorite in the California area and is even handcrafted individually.

It is also easy to install. You can choose from many different colors such as black, red, sea blue, cobalt, burgundy, and more.

While this cover does fit most steering wheels, its specific size is 14 ½ to 15 ½ inches on the outside. Contact its manufacturer if you want to make sure of its fit.


2. Valleycomfy

[amazon box=”B07B93SKMF” star_rating_link=”none” link_title=”Valleycomfy” image_title=”Valleycomfy”]

Want to make your car look fine without having to put a lot of effort? This steering wheel cover from Valleycomfy can help you with that.

It uses genuine leather, which is known to be soft and luxurious to look at. This steering wheel cover can elevate the look of your interior without any problems.

It also has a 100% odor-free and skidproof lining that provides you with a steady grip, and can even keep your steering wheel cool in hot weather.

Plus, it can fit most standard-sized steering wheels since it measures at 14.5 to 15.5 inches in diameter.


3. Loncky Black

[amazon box=”B06XBG53JJ” star_rating_link=”none” link_title=”Loncky” image_title=”Loncky”]

Another excellent custom steering wheel you might want to check out is this one from Loncky (especially if you own a Toyota).

It uses top-quality cowhide leather that is resistant to wear, aging, and the cold. It is also breathable and extremely comfortable to use.

No need to worry about loose or constricted fabric since this cover will be customized to fit your steering wheel perfectly. What’s more, is that you get to hand stitch it to your wheel for a better fit.

You can also choose from the ample color available like black, red, blue, grey, brown, white, and yellow.

However, do take note that this product is only fit for the following Toyota model – Tacoma, Tundra, 4Runner, and Sequoia.

Want to try this product but don’t have a Toyota? Worry not. Check out the JI Loncky Black for the BMW 128i and more!


4. Rueesh Microfiber Leather

[amazon box=”B01FWG73QA” star_rating_link=”none” link_title=”Rueesh” image_title=”Rueesh”]

Another excellent product to check out when you’re looking for the perfect steering wheel cover for you is this one from Rueesh.

It uses top-quality microfiber that has soft padding and is breathable. It weighs 100 grams more than regular steering wheel covers because of all the high-quality fabric used.

It is also highly durable because of its heat-resistant, cold-resistant, and wear-resistant properties.

This steering wheel cover has a better grip due to its anti-slip matte finish so that you can control your car more when on the road. It is also made to be eco-friendly.

Plus, this cover can fit about 90% of steering wheels as measured at 14.5 to 15 inches.


5. MEWANT Hand-Stitched

[amazon box=”B07LBHQZW6″ star_rating_link=”none” link_title=”MEWANT” image_title=”MEWANT”]

If you’re looking for the perfect fit, then this custom steering wheel cover from MEWANT is an excellent choice.

It uses premium microfiber leather and suede, both of which are considered luxurious in feel and looks. It is soft, breathable, and resistant to the cold and the heat.

MEWANT also provides you with custom services that are done by hand so that you can get the perfect fit for your steering wheel.

This cover can also protect your steering wheel from abrasion and the abuse of constant use. Plus, it has a non-slip property that allows you to drive safer and more comfortably.


6. Vitodeco

[amazon box=”B01M7SE8GT” star_rating_link=”none” link_title=”Vitodeco” image_title=”Vitodeco”]

Want a steering wheel cover that exudes classic elegance? You might want to look into this steering wheel cover from Vitodeco.

It uses One Piece Real Leather, which is known to be odorless and non-toxic. This material can also provide your steering wheel with protection from scratches, sunburn, and premature wearing.

I really like this; it added a touch of detail to the inside of my car that is classy but visually interesting. – Brittany U, Amazon

This steering wheel cover also provides your hands with comfort as it can withstand extreme temperatures. Plus, its Dragon Scale Design allows for better grip when out driving.

It’s also super easy to install and comes in three different sizes so that it can fit with more steering wheels.


Best Lace on Steering Wheel Cover

7. Aully Park Lace On Leather

[amazon box=”B01F70CXAM” star_rating_link=”none” link_title=”Aully Park” image_title=”Aully Park”]

If you want to get your steering wheel the perfect fitting cover, then look no further than lace-up steering wheel covers like this one from AULLY PARK.

It is made from genuine cowhide leather and comes in a stitching design, so you’re guaranteed a custom fit.

You can choose from four different colors: red and black, gray, off-white and black. That way, your steering wheel can match the sleek interior of your ride.

It also has pores that make it easier and more comfortable to handle. This lace-up steering wheel cover comes with two threads and two needles to help you with your DIY sewing project.

This cover comes in three different sizes to accommodate more cars: Small (35-36.5 cm), Medium (37-38.5 cm), and Large (39-40.5 cm).


Best Pink Steering Wheel Cover

Aumo-mate Pink Skidproof

[amazon box=”B014R07010″ star_rating_link=”none” link_title=”Aumo-mate” image_title=”Aumo-mate”]

If you’re looking for a pink and feminine steering wheel cover, you might like to check out this one from Aumo-mate.

Aside from its pretty baby pink color, high-quality leatherette was used to create this cover, which provides excellent comfort during your drives.

It is also highly durable and resistant to fading and distortion. This cover has incredible environmental adaptability and can withstand both high and low temperatures.

What’s more, is that this cover can also massage your palm and relieve your drive fatigue. It fits steering wheels that are 37 to 38 centimeters in size and is easy to clean with water.


Best Bling Steering Wheel Covers

9. Sino Banyan Bling

[amazon box=”B0744G9JSB” star_rating_link=”none” link_title=”Sino Banyan” image_title=”Sino Banyan”]

Are you looking for something that looks ‘extra’ for your car? Why not get this bedazzled steering wheel cover from Sino Banyan?

High quality and eco-friendly materials were used to make this cover so it that can provide you with high performance and an impressive visual look.

This cover comes with soft padding that is breathable and can contour to the shape of your steering wheel cover perfectly. It even has a massaging design.

What’s more is that this cover increases safety during your drive since it provides better grip and therefore, better control while on the road.

This diamond steering wheel cover is suitable from Audi, BMW, Buick, Chevrolet, Lexus, Mercedes Benz, and a lot more.

If you want to know if this cover fits your specific car model, leave a message with the manufacturer.


Best Cute Steering Wheel Covers

10. Follicomfy Cute Steering Wheel Covers

[amazon box=”B075W9BKJ1″ star_rating_link=”none” link_title=”Follicomfy” image_title=”Follicomfy”]

If you prefer cute looking accessories rather than the conventional, sleek designs, you might like this foxy wheel cover from Follicomfy.

It is made from high-quality wool and rubber and has a universal-fit design which assures you that it can fit most steering wheels.

This cover has an anti-slip design that helps keep your driving experience safer. It also has anti-fade properties that help keeps is appearance looking great for longer.

Really cute, soft, and comfy. Doesn’t slip when steering and doesn’t make the steering wheel feel big. – Mike, Amazon

Additionally, this cover also protects your hands from the effects of extreme weather since it can withstand the cold that winter brings.

It is also easy to clean since it is machine washable.


Best Girl Steering Wheel Cover

11. Binsheo Girl PU Leather

[amazon box=”B079CZXYH7″ star_rating_link=”none” link_title=”Binsheo Girl” image_title=”Binsheo Girl”]

Want a simple yet more feminine design for your steering wheel cover? You might like this one from Binsheo.

You can choose from a variety of floral patterns and colors, like red, blue, and purple with either a black or white base.

High-quality PU leather that is soft and smooth to the touch was used to create this cover. It also has an anti-slip design that adds safety for when you’re driving.

This floral steering wheel cover can also protect your hands from scorching and freezing weather.

At 14.5” to 15”, it has a universal-fit design so it can fit most car models, guaranteed. What’s more, is that this cover helps protect your steering wheel from tearing and looking worn out.


Best Cowboys Steering Wheel Cover

12. Fremont Die NFL Leather Cowboys

[amazon box=”B0002E5BJ4″ star_rating_link=”none” link_title=”Fremont” image_title=”Fremont”]

Are you a huge football fan and would want to show your team spirit by having your car decked out in their merch? This Dallas Cowboys cover might be what you’re looking for!

It is made from genuine leather and has a universal-fit design that allows it to fit most car models. It also features a durable stitching design so that you’re only getting top quality products.

The team names and logos are screens printed on the cover for clear and beautiful looks.

Don’t worry about the installation; it’s super easy! All you need to do is to stretch it over the cover, and you’re done.

What’s best is that you can even choose from other teams. You can find the name and logo of your favorite team in the league to feature on your steering wheel cover.

Plus, it is also officially licensed by the NFL.


Best Camo Steering Wheel Cover

13. SPG Outdoors Realtree Camo

[amazon box=”B00MKYPDT2″ star_rating_link=”none” link_title=”SPG Outdoors” image_title=”SPG Outdoors”]

If you’re looking for a more camouflage design, then this camo-patterned steering wheel cover from SPG Outdoors is the one for you.

It is made from microfiber fabric and has a Realtree AP XTRA camo pattern all around its outer area.

This cover is known to be durable because of its reinforced interior ring. Plus, it can even protect your hands from both the cold and the heat.

Plus, this Realtree steering wheel cover has two built-in rubber grips that allow for better handling, which in turn makes your driving experience a whole lot safer.

You can also protect your steering wheel from the visible effects of daily use and even cover worn spots.


Best Pokemon Steering Wheel Cover

14. Kerra’s Creations Pokemon

[amazon box=”B07FFN1LBR” star_rating_link=”none” link_title=”Kerra’s Creations” image_title=”Kerra’s Creations”]

Are you a die-hard Pokemon fan or do you know somebody who is? Then, this steering wheel cover from Kerra’s Creations will be the perfect addition to your car.

A beautiful dark blue base covered with red and white Pokeballs all over its outer area is the design featured in the cover.

Cotton fabric, thread, and elastic was used to make this cover. It even has a non-slip material on its inner ring to keep it in place.

What’s more, is that you can also avail the matching seatbelt covers to complete your vehicle interior’s excellent look.

You can even ask the manufacturers for a custom design by messaging them directly.


Best Fuzzy Steering Wheel Cover

15. U&M Stretch-On Fuzzy

[amazon box=”B01L508USM” star_rating_link=”none” link_title=”U&M Stretch-On” image_title=”U&M Stretch-On”]

Are you feeling funkier and more unique? You would probably love this fuzzy steering wheel cover from U&M.

It is made from 100% Authentic Sheepskin Wool from Australia, which makes it super soft and luxurious to the touch.

At 35 to 43 centimeters in diameter, it is universal-fit and can fit most car models. You can use it all year-round since it can protect your hands from both the heat and the cold.

Plus, it is made to be durable and breathable. You don’t need to worry about the mess it could make because it also does not shed.

What’s more, is that the thick and furry finish of your cover doesn’t just add a stylish flair. It also makes gripping your steering wheel easier and more comfortable.


Best Tribal Steering Wheel Cover

16. ISTN 2016 Tribal

[amazon box=”B01AXGYWE0″ star_rating_link=”none” link_title=”ISTN” image_title=”ISTN”]

If you’re looking for a lovely, bright pattern for your cover, this tribal design from ISTN is a perfect match for you.

This steering wheel cover uses Microfiber PU Leather which can arguably feel softer than natural leather.

It has a soft texture, is long-wearing, and breathable. It also has a soft padding and a convenient massaging design.

Love the look and style of this cover and allows me to not have small tiny particles from my steering wheel rub off on my hands as I drive. – Melissa Garcia, Amazon

This cover also provides a better grip on your stirring wheel because of the natural rubber and the anti-skip veins design that it comes with.

What’s more is that it’s heat-resistant, cold-resistant, and even wear-resistant. Plus, it’s super easy to install.


Best Heated Steering Wheel Covers

17. LemonBest

[amazon box=”B07M9K6WJK” star_rating_link=”none” link_title=”LemonBest” image_title=”LemonBest”]

Driving during the winter can be uncomfortable, especially if you have a cold steering wheel. That’s why you need a steering cover that can warm up the steering wheel.

This steering wheel cover by LemonBest is made from plush material and is a good fit for steering wheels that have a diameter of 37 to 38 centimeters.

It can provide comfort to your hands during the colder seasons because of its heating properties. It features a far-infrared composite fiber heater wire with a tensile strength of 600MPa.

This cover is also corrosion-resistant as well as acid and alkali resistant. It even has a high heat transfer efficiency of over 99%.


What to Consider When Buying a Steering Wheel Cover?


Whether you prefer leather steering wheel covers or want a steering wheel cover with rhinestones on it, you should definitely learn more about the product before purchasing one.

If you want to get only the best steering wheel covers for your car, then knowing their important features is a must. This way, you are more assured that you’re getting the perfect fit for you.

To help you out, here are some of the critical features you need to know:

  • Material

Steering wheel covers come in varying materials. This is a feature that depends highly on your own personal preference.

Below are some of the most common materials used in making steering wheel covers:

Synthetic Blend

Synthetic blend covers are the most common and the most affordable in the market today. It encompasses a wide range of fabric, from microfiber to polyester.

Another great thing about synthetic blend covers is that they are available in a lot of different colors and designs.

However, they are not as comfortable and long-lasting as other types of covers.



Leather covers are by far the most luxurious feeling out of all the cover types. It tends to be the most expensive, as well.

This type of cover is very soft, which makes it feel enjoyable and comfortable when you’re out driving.



Cowhide covers are like leather covers, except they’re not as expensive. They are also not quite as soft as their leather counterparts.

Both cowhide and leather cover only come in limited colors and designs.



Cloth covers are the thinnest out of all the types of steering wheel covers. They are the easiest to install.

They also come in many different colors and designs. Cloth type is quite comfortable to use for cold or hot weather.


  • Fit

Like what was mentioned above, steering wheels don’t come in just one size. Therefore, the fit of your cover will depend on the size of your steering wheel.

Most covers will mention its size on the packaging. So, watch out for that. It’s a good idea to follow the sizing as closely as you can for a better fit.

However, most manufacturers will make a cover that is universally fit for more cars, though.


  • Warranty

It’s best if you can look for one that will give you a money back guarantee for your purchase. This is to ensure that you can get a replacement or refund in case of material or workmanship problems with the new cover.

Typically, products that you buy from online stores like the Amazon does come with some form of money back guarantee or limited warranty for like one year.


  • Price

When it comes to the price of steering wheels, it really depends on what type you want to buy.

For example, it’s possible to get a cloth cover for less than $20, but you’ll be hard pressed to find a leather one at the same price point.

As a general rule, the price of the cover is a good indicator of its quality when it comes to the steering wheel cover market.

Most covers that are in the same price point will have the same quality as well. That being said, you might find better quality ones as the price goes higher.

Of course, there are also a few exceptions to the rule. You can probably find good quality covers for less money if you search hard enough.


How to Put on A Steering Wheel Cover?

There are two different ways to install and steering wheel wrap or cover. Most are just slip-on while others need to be stitched on.

But first, make sure your steering wheel is clean before you put on a cover. Use isopropyl alcohol and a cloth to get rid of moisture.

  • Slip-On

Slip-on covers are convenient and easy to install. First, align the upper part of your cover with the upper part of your steering wheel.

Slowly unfold your cover and stretch it at both sides so that it molds perfectly with your steering wheel. Slip-on cover can let you stretchable.

So, don’t worry. Go ahead and stretch it a little bit so it can fit onto the steering wheel. However, make sure you get the right cover size, though.


  • Stitched-On

Stitched-on covers or wrap-on steering wheel cover offer better fit but are harder to install. But don’t worry! Lacing holes are already in place. The lacing holes are reinforced, so the cover is resistant to tearing.

You just need to tighten the string that comes with the cover until it fits snuggly on your steering wheel.

Also, it’s recommended to wear a glove to give your finger some protection when working with wrap-on cover.

Want to learn how to install a wrap-on cover? Watch this video:


Why You Need A Steering Wheel Cover?

Car steering wheel covers provide many benefits that help keep your driving experience safer and more comfortable.

For one, a steering wheel covers give you additional grip to your wheel since they are not as slippery as the original.

The best steering wheel covers also prevent your steering wheel from incurring premature damage caused by constant use and aging.

If you think about it, the steering wheel is one of the most used parts of your car. By protecting it with a cover, it won’t be ruined too much as time passes by.

Another great benefit that covers provide is the ability to protect you from the elements of weather. A typical car steering wheel reacts to temperature quickly.

If it’s sweltering hot out, your steering wheel will feel too warm to the touch. Likewise, if the weather is freezing, your steering wheel will be immensely cold.


What Size Steering Wheel Cover Do I Need?

While most steering wheels still come with the same designs, not all of them come in the same sizes.

Although you can buy a steering wheel cover that’s universal-fit, it’s a good idea to measure your steering wheel first before purchasing a cover.

Make sure to get the measurement of your wheel’s diameter. Stretch your tape measure across the front of your steering wheel, starting from one side to the other.

Most steering wheels can measure from 14 to 17 inches in diameter, but don’t be surprised if you need a 13.5-inch steering wheel cover or smaller.

Once you know the diameter of your steering wheel, keep that in mind while you’re out looking for a cover and get the necessary size.


How to Clean Your Steering Wheel Cover?


The way to clean your cover depends on the type of material used to make it. A leather steering wheel cover will need a different cleaning method than, let’s say, one covered with fur.

The easiest to maintain is leather covers. All you need is a soft cloth and soapy water.

You can put some covers made from fabrics in the washing machine. Remember to put it on gentle wash at low temperature and to use a mild detergent.

Handwashing your fabric steering wheels are also a good alternative. After, just lay it flat to dry.


Why Do Some Steering Wheel Covers Smell?

Depending on the material and finish that you choose, the steering wheel cover can have certain smell to them, but not all.

For example, you will find the synthetic leather steering wheel cover has a stronger odor and smell than genuine leather.

This is due to the petroleum and chemical solution that the manufacturer uses when making the synthetic leather.


Other Interior Car Accessories

One of the best accessories for your car steering wheel is a steering wheel wrap or cover. It is what helps you maneuver and controls your vehicle better and comfortable when driving.

However, the steering wheel covers are not the only interior car accessory you will need. There are a lot more products that can keep the inside of your car looking fresh and feeling more comfortable.

You can choose from a wide variety of accessories like seat covers and back seat organizers. They will not only help keep your interior clean but also looking visually pleasing.

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