The Best Company to Provide Rust Proofing Service for Your Vehicles

Maintaining your car doesn’t stop at a clean and beautiful paint and interior. You must also protect your ride from the harmful elements that comes its way. That’s why doing a rust check is a huge must!

Yes, auto rust proofing is an added service that will cost you a bit more than usual, but the pros absolutely outweigh the cons. Without it, your vehicle will start deteriorating faster because of corrosion.

To maximize rust protection services, you will need to know their differences (i.e., rust proofing vs. undercoating). You will also need to know what type of products to get and the best brands to buy.

One such brand that many detailers and enthusiasts trust are Rust Check – A car detailing company started in Canada and now available in the US.


Are Rust Check reviews really true to their words?

There are many products related to rust and corrosion protection like the rust inhibitor and rust converter. These products are designed to guard your vehicles against environmentally present pollutants that you just cannot avoid. Rust check provides similar products to help you better with your auto detailing and maintenance.

The reason you need to have additional rust protection is so that your car can give you higher performance and can last longer. Years of studies and surveys have collected data that says rust formation most certainly shows in just six years. But, with good maintenance and proper rust protection, you can delay this for up to thirteen years! So, it’s definitely worth it.

In this article, we’ll explore:


What is Rust Check?

vehicle protection

Rust Check is an oil-based product with active corrosion inhibitors. What it does is prevent rust from forming by getting rid of moisture and stopping further moisture from entering. When moisture is high, corrosion occurs. By prohibiting moisture from getting inside the nooks and crannies of your car, better rust control can be practiced.

You can think of it as a kind of sealant if you want to. If paint sealant is for your finish, products at Rust Check are sealants against rust.

If you’re new to proofing and this is the first time you hear about this brand, then let these few facts calm you down and win you over.

Rust Check has been tested and proven effective since 1973. It has won awards, one of which was the 1997 Consumer Choice Award for Rust Proofing Services. So you know that it is genuinely beloved by many and has lots of loyal customers.

Plus, their lifetime warranty gives your car protection for a very long time since it’s renewable. As long as you continue to use Rust Check on your car’s bodywork annually, you’ll be sure to get maximum protection against rust and corrosion.

Find more information at the website, here. For the Canadian folks, go here.


Rust Check Spray

Now, rust protection for your vehicles doesn’t mean it stops at your everyday car. No, you can also rust-proof you entire fleet if you have one! From trucks and trailers to more specialized modes of transportation like a commercial vehicle (i.e., ambulance), Rust Check can keep them all safe through its Two Product Process application.

It has many products to choose from, like paints and primer and aerosols. The ‘Rust Check Spray Can’ category will give you guaranteed protection against corrosion. Plus, you can use it on home equipment as well such as power tools and garden tools.

Rust Check has five existing spray can products, each with a specific job for overall anti-rust defense:

The Rust Converter: changes rusty areas to make it clean and shiny again. It does so by etching into the metal itself while leaving behind a coating that you can still paint on. It has a quick drying time of 30 minutes tops and will leave virtually no mess.

The Rust Inhibitor: lubricates the metal so that it doesn’t crack or peel, and will prevent it from seizing. It doesn’t matter if the metal is new or old, this product can help you protect both. Plus, it deeply penetrates the metal to provide a long-lasting shield.

The Rust Killer: does what its name implies. It removes rust that has already formed and restores the appearance of your metal, making it look brand-new. Best of all, it also prevents further rust from forming, so that’s two birds hit with one stone!

The Rust Check Freeze: is an excellent product combo if you want to make your life easier. It penetrates deep into the metal to break up any formed rust to loosen it up. It can also help you remove seized nuts and bolts, making the process easier and faster for you.

The Coat and Protect: is a fantastic undercoating product that is non-drying and can provide heavy duty lubrication to your car’s underbody.

There are other fantastic products from Rust Check that you can try. Make sure to check them all out on their website to understand how each one helps protects your ride and allows it to give you the performance you deserve.


Rust Check Coat and Protect

rust check rust inhibitor

The Coat and Protect is another well-known product and service from Rust Check. It has the same active corrosion inhibitors and ingredients that the Rust Check has but with a thicker consistency. The primary role of the Coat and Protect is to create a fantastic defense barrier for all the exposed parts of your car’s undercarriage.

The thick formula of this product gives your underbody excellent wash and wear resistance properties that will keep you less worried about the belly of your car for years to come. Coat and Protect is an undercoating product, that’s true. But unlike traditional undercoating which can crack and peel, this product is also a really good lubricant so it won’t do either of those and won’t dry out as well.

Now, that’s effective corrosion protection!


Rust Check Cost and Warranty

Like many auto services, the prices for each and every car can slightly change. Different factors come to play when pricing services for your auto. It can depend on your car’s model, model year, size, and current maintenance.

If you want to be entirely sure, the best way to know the cost of any Rust Check service is to ask for a quote designed specifically for your vehicle.

But, to help you out, here’s a little estimate of their pricing:

  • Small to Medium Passenger Cars – $119.95
  • Large Passenger Cars – $129.95
  • Minivan/Compact Pick Ups – $139.95
  • Full-sized Pick Ups/SUVs – $149.95


Rust Check also provides a lifetime warranty for cars that are less than one model year old. Certain cars can also avail this warranty provided they are less than 3 model years old.

What’s more amazing about Rust Check’s warranty is that it’s both renewable and transferable. Just remember that this warranty is NOT a money-back guarantee but is an assurance that the company will pay the necessary services you may need in accordance to their Warranty Certificate.


Rust Check Locations

The business address in Canada:

6175 Danville Road
Mississauga, ON, Canada L5T 2H7
Tel: (905) 670-5411

The business address in United States:

4 Delta Drive
Westbrook, ME 04092
Tel: (207) 712-0209

  • Updated September 3, 2018
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