12 Best Car Waxes Trusted By 1000+ of Auto Enthusiasts in 2019 (Review & Buying Guide)

When it comes to waxing your car, every autogeek knows that only the best car wax must be used. Applying wax to cars not only can achieve the mirror-like showroom finish but also help extend the life of your car’s paint job.

But with so many car wax brands and type (i.e., spray-on, liquids, and pastes), which brand and variety are the best for your ride?

So, if you’re looking to buy the best car wax, you came to the right place. We’ve researched and compiled a list of the best wax for car in the market right now. We’ve also rounded up the best car polish as well.

So, in this article, we’ll explore:

Also, to learn more about detailing a car and the best product to use, head over to this article: Car Detailing (Everything You Need to Know About Automobile Care) for more info.


Discover the Best Auto Wax For Your Ride

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With this list of the top best car waxes, we’re confident that you’ll find the one that’s best suited for your vehicle. Moreover, you will get to know the most popular and effective automobile waxes used by motorists and professional car detailers today.

Now, if you’re not the type who likes to read through reviews but want to know which is the best car wax quickly, then we’d like to recommend the above three pick and they are one of the best longest lasting car wax too.

But, if you want to consider all the purchasing options carefully, there are many brands and type you can choose. See the list below for some of the best car wax for you to check out.

Also, we have arranged them according to their type for your ease of view. You can easily purchase them off Amazon and if you have the Amazon Prime membership (free 30-day trial, btw), you can enjoy free shipping, discount and much more.


Best Paste Wax for Cars – Reviews


1. P21S Carnauba Wax

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If you want superior reflective results, this is the paste wax for you. The 12700W can give your vehicle the deepest shine it can possibly get without leaving any white powder residue. Many auto-enthusiasts will stand by this!

Try it out for yourself and see your year’s old ride look amazingly brand new. You don’t even need to get it done by a professional detailer. With a little time and effort, you can get that showroom finish just in the confines of your own garage; and it’ll still look stunning! It’s the best car wax for a new car look.

It’s so easy to apply as well. All you need to do is to follow the instructions and you’d get the results you want with no problem at all. If done right, your coat’s water repellency properties might even last you for 6 months. Think about water just rolling off your hood for half a year, amazing!

It may not be the least expensive brand out there, but it’s definitely economical in the long run. One jar can last for more than 10 uses, and that’s more than a month’s use already.

Plus, it’s made up of carnauba and beeswax which are both natural ingredients. You’re not only saving money but you’re also saving the environment. So don’t worry about the price tag. With all the fantastic benefits you’re getting, it’s totally worth it!


2. Collinite Super Doublecoat Auto Wax

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If you live in a place where the weather loves playing games, then durability is what you need from your car wax. Luckily for you, the Collinite 476 can give you what you need. Whether the sun’s blazing in summer or the cold is settling in winter, this double coat alternative will get you through.

Not even the driest conditions or the stormiest areas can shatter this auto polish and auto wax hybrid. It’s created with a high concentration of first-grade Brazilian carnauba so you know it means business.

This product is also infused with the advanced technology of synthetic waxes that provide the maximum defense against harmful pollutants like UV rays and acid rain.

It’s so easy to use as well. You don’t need any special equipment to apply it. Just a simple soft foam pad will do. Gently wiping it on and off will give you the dazzling brilliance you want without having to rub or buff vigorously. So that’s less effort for you!

And it’s not hailed durable for nothing! Once it cures onto your coat, it can last months and months without having to re-apply it. This will surely outlast most waxes sold in the market nowadays. The Collinite is indeed one of the best all in one car wax in the market.


3. Meguiar’s Ultimate Paste Wax

[amazon box=”B004HCS4PK” star_rating_link=”none”]

Another Meguiar product that can live up to the attention it receives, the G18211 is one of the many favorites that provides the most amazing results you can ever ask for. It is a pure synthetic wax that is formulated with advanced polymers and that is why it can offer longer protection plus higher reflectivity.

Like most of the newer Meguiar products in the market, it is also designed for effortless application. Just wax it on and wipe it off and you’ll get the crystal-like radiance you want. You can even do this under the sun.

Plus, it works great with any paint type (may it be glossy or anything else) and colors, from whites to blacks. It also wouldn’t leave any unwanted white residues on plastic and trims. Don’t fret about what to apply it with as it can be used manually or with a machine (you can choose any: an orbital or dual action polisher).

Like most waxes, it also provides an unparalleled hydrophobic technology that makes water bead off the surface. It also has impressive UV defense so you don’t have to worry about sun damage. The Meguiar’s Ultimate is indeed one of the best auto wax for UV protection.

So if you want the deepest, clearest, and most mirror-like reflection, don’t think twice about getting this product!


Best Liquid Car Wax – Reviews


Here are some of the best liquid car wax you should check it out:

4. Meguiars Ultimate Liquid Wax

[amazon box=”B004HCM9H4″ star_rating_link=”none”]

Any Meguiar product will give you exceptional results and a lot of satisfied users will back this up. It’s a cult classic for a reason. In fact, they’re still coming out with better and more improved lines to continue serving auto-owners around the world. One great wax they created is the G18216 and it lives up to its name: Ultimate!

It’s a pure synthetic polymer formulated to provide dual action benefits. It has highly advanced UV protection features and also has excellent water repellency properties so you’re guaranteed to see awesome beading after a hard bout of rain. This benefit from its hydrophobic technology can even last up to two weeks!

If you don’t have a garage, you won’t need to go through the effort of looking for some kind of shade. This product can be used under the sun, and you’ll still get that mirror-like quality you want! You can even get it in one simple step. A simple wax on and wipe off routine will give you amazing brilliance in just a few minutes.

And what a price! You get all these amazing benefits and one bottle will even last you a long time. You can use it on your medium-sized car for up to six washes. It also works on any kind of paint, from clear coats to blacks! So, it’s definitely worth every penny!


5. Car Guys Liquid Wax

[amazon box=”B01FTT92HS” star_rating_link=”none”]

Designed with advanced polymer technology, this product is definitely the longest lasting car wax you can ever want. You will only need to apply it every six months or so. That’s double the period that a typical wax can last. So, if you’re someone who wants to maintain your sleek ride but doesn’t have the time to do it often, this is perfect for you!

Its high longevity makes it a durable shield against both sun and water damage, so that’s two things less to worry about. Plus, its advanced formula gives you the best of both worlds all in one product; the natural benefits of carnauba and the more lasting advantages of paint sealants.

You can even use it for any colored car you have or any form of transportation, for that matter. It’ll be a fantastic addition to your RV, boat, and even plane maintenance routine. It also works amazingly well with glass, chrome, stainless steel, and rims so you can make your home appliances shine as brightly. The only things it does not work well with are plastics and rubber part, so keep that in mind.

But those aren’t even the best part! You can work with this product even under extreme weather conditions. Whether you live somewhere sunny or cool, stormy or dry, this product can do wonders to add to your paintwork’s lifespan! If we going to pick, this will our No.2 best all in one car wax of our choice.


6. Mothers California Gold Brazilian Carnauba Liquid Wax

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If you want the service of the best car wax kit, then get the Mothers Ultimate Wax System. It has a fantastic 3-step routine which you only need 3 products for. So be sure to check out the 07100 Pure Polish (Step 1) and 08100 Micro-Polishing Glaze (Step 2) to complete this remarkable auto-care regimen. Both steps are designed to clean and smooth the surface of your ride so that it’s ready for a dazzling reflective finish.

The 05750 is Step 3 of the Ultimate Wax System created by Mothers and it can be applied more than once. This is so you can add another layer for more defense against pollutants like UV rays and acid rain. It is made up of pure carnauba wax and has no harsh ingredients mixed with it so it’s definitely safe to use again and again.

It is also heat resistant so it would not melt away instantly and will last longer on your finish. It can be used in all paint types and even clear coats so you can enhance and preserve the depth and clarity of your vehicles with just this product. Just remember not to apply this to anything but paint for best results.


Best Spray-On Car Wax – Reviews


Here are some of the best spray-on car wax you should check it out:

7. Car Guys Hybrid Wax Sealant

[amazon box=”B06Y5KQSKF” star_rating_link=”none” image=”4″]

If you want a hassle-free, one-step car maintenance routine, this full synthetic polymer sealant might be the one you’re looking for. It’s a steal if you don’t like storing too many auto-care products in your garage.

Its formula is created from the combination of carnauba paste and liquid polish so you get only the highest quality of protection from the harmful effects of the sun, plus amazing hydrophobic properties as well. This remarkable mix of natural and synthetic car wax technology gives better durability and long lasting defense.

Another great thing about this product is that it works well with chrome and glass as well; so you don’t need to worry about accidentally putting some of this on them. That’s a money-saver there since you can cut down on more cleaning costs.

It’s also highly resistant to more damaging pollutants like chemicals, acids, and hard minerals that cause ugly scratches on your paintwork. Not only does this wax restore fading paint, but it also prevents it from further discoloration!

Plus, it’s non-toxic and environment-friendly so you can use it as much as you want! It’s also a good idea to remember that even if it’s advertised as a great one-step routine (which it is), using it with other auto-care products like paste wax will still give you higher quality shine and better protection all in all.

Update: Car Guys used to sell the 16oz spray bottle on Amazon but they have discontinued it and replaced with a 1-gallon bulk refill which is a better cost saving for you.


8. Meguiars Gold Class Carnauba Plus Premium Quik Wax

[amazon box=”B006FUT05U” star_rating_link=”none”]

When it comes to spray on car wax, this product definitely works like the premium it’s sold to be. The G7716 is infused with a special blend of only the best carnauba wax that’ll give you the deepest and richest quality of gloss you need.

Its spray applicator is also one of the easiest and quickest to use. Simply mist onto the surface and wipe off with a smooth cloth and you’re done. You can even do it under the sun so there’s no need to look for a shady area!

What’s also great is that you can use it on all kinds of glossy paint and clear coats, from light to dark colored ones! It will make your black auto shine exceptionally well so make sure to try this out on it. Just remember not to use it on flat, matte, and satin finishes as it doesn’t work well with these. It will also leave no ugly white residue on plastic or rubber trims, so that’s a nice plus.

If you want something that you can easily bring and apply while out traveling, this is a great product to get. But that’s not at all surprising since it comes from such an excellent brand. To us, Meguiars is one of the best wax for car brands you can rely on!


9. Chemical Guys Hybrid V7 Quick Detailer

[amazon box=”B004UPZXQM” star_rating_link=”none”]

If you don’t like waiting for a long cure time, this is one product that you must try. The Hybrid V7 is the amazing result taken from a revolutionary idea; combining a sealant and detailer conveniently in just one product.

Like an auto detailer, it removes pesky pollutants like grime, dust, and debris from the surface of your auto so that imperfections wouldn’t detract from its stunning shine. It can even remove miniscule fingerprints! But it’s also a fantastic paint sealant that gives a high gloss to your paintwork that’ll make everyone envy your car. If you want showroom gloss, this is it.

It also works well on all painted surfaces (and wheels and glass as well!). Spraying it on any exterior surface will surely satisfy your need for amazing gloss. You will even get longer lasting UV defense after you finish applying this so it still gives your coat protection from pollutants.

This remarkable product works extremely fast and bonds to surfaces almost instantly. There’s no need to wait for long! It even disappears into the finish so it would not look thick after application. So if you want profound clarity with fantastic protection, you might want to give the Hybrid V7 a try sometimes.


Best Rated Car Polish – Reviews


First things first, car wax products and car polishes are terms that are often misused by marketing people. So, even if it’s named a polish, sometimes it’s just wax.

The point here is that you need to be meticulous when choosing a product. Read the label and make sure you’re getting the right product.

Below is another three excellent wax products. Though they are called polish, but they are just wax:

10. HD Speed All in One Polish

[amazon box=”B0081KXJO0″ star_rating_link=”none”]

If you’re someone who’s sensitive to certain scents, you may not like how some auto-care products smell. There are some out there that have strong chemical scents but if you’re looking for something pleasantly different, the HD Speed All in One Polish may just be what you need.

It has an amazing grape scent that is quite unique and will help you stay in a good mood while polishing your vehicle. But that’s not its best (or most important) feature. It’s marketed as an all-in-one correction product and sealant.

This product effectively removes light to moderate scrapes and scratches caused by tree branches, etc. and it can even take off ugly swirl marks. All the while, it also leaves a wax layer behind for added defense against further contaminants.

It’s effortless to apply, and it works on many types of surfaces like paint, plastic, glass, and metal. You can also choose between applying it by hand or with a Dual Action Polisher. It’s all down to your personal preference.


11. Mothers California Gold Pure Polish

[amazon box=”B0002U26QE” star_rating_link=”none”]

If you’re thinking of buying the best car polishing kit (plus waxing), then look no further. This brand has created a fantastic Ultimate Wax System that only needs 3 products for an intense and amplified shine. The 07100 acts as the very foundation of this regimen and are considered to be Step One.

What it does is it smoothens and softens larger surface contaminants and removes minor scratches from the paint job. It’s a pre-wax cleaner but you can think of it as a milder form of a compound. Nevertheless, it helps immensely especially if you use it in partnership with a clay bar to remove stubborn flaws.

It also removes the undesirable effects of oxidation caused by the harmful UV rays of the sun, other contaminants like tree sap and bird poo, micro-scratches, swirls done by previous waxing, water spots from acid rain, and many more.

Ultimately, this polish is an amazing product that prepares your ride’s paint for waxing; which in turn allows it to look smoother and cleaner. For all-around best results, make sure to follow this up with Micro-Polishing Glaze (Step Two) and Pure Brazilian Carnauba Wax (Step Three). Look here for the complete Step 1, 2 and 3.


12. Meguiar’s Mirror Glaze Ultra Finishing Polish

[amazon box=”B003LMJP4Q” star_rating_link=”none”]

While the Meguiar’s Mirror Glaze technically is not a wax but this product not only can give you the shine of wax but also last longer. That’s we decided to feature this product.

You can never go wrong by going with this brand. If you’re new to the auto-detailing practice and you want a fool-proof brand to try out without the disappointment of an underperforming product, go with Meguiars.

The Mirror Glaze, in particular, is an excellent polish for novices to test out. Like many products from this brand, it has a very easy wipe on, wipe off application so you wouldn’t have any problems.

It is designed with advanced technology that allows it to permanently remove ugly swirls, minor scratches, and unwanted dirt from your car’s surface. It can also remove other light defects in all types of paint so you’re free to make it shine with a deep and rich brilliance.

All you need to do is buff it to perfection. Another fantastic thing about this product is that it can be used either manually by hand or by machine. A Dual Action Polisher or Rotary Buffer can do the trick just as well.


Best Rated Car Wax for Black Cars

There are a lot of colors to choose from when getting a car, but one popular choice is black, and for a good reason. The midnight shade looks dashing and deeply elegant that you can’t help but admire its amazing depth. If it’s well maintained, that is.

Since they have a very enticing color, waxes designed explicitly for black cars were created. Some might say that this is just another marketing ploy and while that’s partly true, some of these are created with a special black tint to them. Check out Best Car Wax for Black Cars to find out more about these products!


Best Rated Car Wax for White Cars

If there’s a demand for black, then surely there’s a demand for its opposite: white! This purely immaculate shade is gracefully timeless and if you’re into classics, this is a great color to get. But it is also tough to maintain. If not well taken cared of, a white car’s coat can easily be damaged by swirl marks and dullness.

So, there is a great need for wax formulated precisely for white cars. The good news is that they already exist. Head on over to Best Car Wax for White Cars to discover more about them.


Best Rated Car Wax for Red Cars

White and black are fantastic choices but if you want optimum drama, a red colored car will take your breath away! It’s passionate and hot, and it screams of adventure and fun. Red automobiles will always be a favorite among car owners, enthusiasts or not.

But like all other colors, it’s susceptible to damage. It’s not as dark as black and it’s not as light as white, so you need a car wax that’s ‘just right’ (as Goldilocks says). Here’s a list of the Best Car Wax for Red Cars if you want to read more about the products your brightly colored ride needs.


Car Wax and Polish F.A.Q


Waxing vs. Polishing Cars


So, what is the difference between waxing and polishing your car? Since both wax and polish involve the same process of applying almost similar products that are finished with buffing.

To answer this question, first, we must understand what is a wax and polish.

  • Polishing

Polish is made up of abrasives and its abrasiveness ranges from medium to ultra-fine. An abrasive is a material used to smoothen out another material. Think sandpaper! And, they come in many different forms, from paste and creams to liquids.

Ultimately, you use it acts as a remover of microscopic surface imperfections like a swirl, scratches, and scrapes that make your auto’s finish look dull and dirty. You can apply it to smooth out and level the surfaces of your ride.

It’s important to remember that car polish must be used with care because polishing your car too much can take off the paint and expose its undercoat! And, it’s typically applied first before the wax.

Although car polish is an important part of detailing and it serves as a great way to liven up the paint, it doesn’t give your car any extra coat of defense.


  • Waxing

Unlike polish, car wax is the star of the show when it comes to your vehicle’s paintwork. This is the miracle product that gives you the showroom winning shine that you’ve always wanted.

It comes in many different forms like spray, liquid, and paste waxes. Each of these has terrific advantages that your car may need. So it’s best to get only the best wax for your vehicle.

Simply put, polishing aims to make your car’s surface free from imperfection, the goal of waxing is to make sure that this refined surface of your car stays the same for as long as possible. This also adds a layer of protection to the car’s paintwork and add glossiness to it.

Now, you know what is polishing and waxing it, the right way to do it is always polish the imperfections first before applying the protective wax. This way you get the best of both worlds.

Don’t worry; there’s a clear distinction between a wax’s features from a polish’s. To learn more about this, head on over to this article: Is There A Difference – Car Polish vs. Wax. You don’t need to be a professional automotive detailer to get it.


Should I Use Carnauba or Synthetic Wax?

When it comes to car waxes, whether going for carnauba or synthetic wax is depends on your personal preference. However, if you’re looking for professional car wax, some of the best ones are carnauba.

But some of the best longest lasting car wax is synthetic or better known as paint sealants.

  • Carnauba

It’s a natural form of wax that has proven its worth by giving vehicles the best gloss they can possibly have. In whatever form, whether it is paste form or not, this product performs exceedingly; and when combined with high-quality sealants, your coat’s shine endures for quite a long time.

When it comes to showroom finish, carnauba waxes are the ones to go to. It also does a great job of protecting your paint finish from the harsh rays of the sun.

The only downside is that they don’t really last as long compared to the sealant. For the most part, carnauba wax finish will begin to wear in about 6 to 8 weeks of application.

Carnauba is the preferred wax by professional detailers and automobile enthusiasts, for the rich, warm glow and deep, wet look it can offer to vehicle’s paintwork.


  • Synthetic

Of course, you can still try out synthetic car wax if you’re looking for something more long-wearing.

The paint sealants can usually last for 5 to 6 months. Some better sealants can even protect your car for years like the Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant 3.0.

But the downside on the paint sealants is that it won’t offer you the deep wet look and glossy effect like the carnauba.

Although in recent years manufacturers have improved the formula of the paint sealants with better shine effect, but if great reflection is what you’re after, stick to carnauba.


What is Car Wax?

Waxes are paint sealants that keep your surfaces glossy and protected from different types of weather damage. Plus, most car waxes are now infused with carnauba paste which is one of the best natural ingredients to use for auto care.


Carnauba Wax for Cars

Carnauba car wax is a ubiquitous phrase you’ll see when you search for auto-detailing products. Most manufacturers have discovered the miracle effects this type of product can do and have decided to create more lines infused with this.

But don’t worry because carnauba isn’t just a passing trend. It can actually live up to its hype. Carnauba is a naturally occurring wax. In fact, it’s the hardest known yet; and it can withstand high temperature and can give your coat the high reflectivity you desire!

If you want to know more about carnauba and its amazing benefits, head on over to this article: Carnauba Wax for Cars (Reason Why the Pros Like It).


How to Wax a Car?

To get that liquid gloss effect you want, you can either go to a professional detailing shop or just do it yourself! Auto care does need effort but it isn’t hard to do; especially if you have an easy guide to follow.

  1. Wash – Like always, clean your car as thoroughly as you can and remember to use specialized car shampoo. After, you can either air dry it or use a soft cloth to speed things up.
  2. Polish – Feel the surface for any scratches or if they’re already visible, use compounds to remove larger ones first. Then, finish of mild scrapes with a bit of polish.
  3. Wax – Using a clean soft foam pad, gently buff on the wax in a circular motion. Do this in small sections and wait for it to cure before taking it off with a microfiber towel.

Also, carnauba waxes will typically last for about 6 to 8 weeks. The same is true if you’re using synthetic types too.

If you want an in-depth tutorial on how to wash, polish, and wax your car, read this article – How to Wax A Car and Keep the Ride Shine Longer. Or, watch this video:


Car Wax with UV Protection

It’s true that cars are meant to be driven, but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take care of how it looks and find ways to ensure that it stays looking brand new for a long time. One thing that car owners can’t avoid is exposing your paintwork to harsh weather conditions such as the heat of the sun.

It’s common knowledge that the sun emits harmful UV rays and these don’t just affect people’s skins. It also has drastic consequences on your ride! So if you need a sunscreen’s amazing benefits to keep you safe, your auto also requires its own special sunscreen to keep it safe. That’s where car wax comes in!

Car waxes nowadays have a more advanced formulation which includes incredible UV protection so that you don’t have to worry about what the sun can do to your paint job. If you want to learn more about how to protect your vehicle from sun damage, fully read Automotive Sunscreen: Car Wax with UV Protection.


How to Make Car Wax?

Now there might be a part of you that still do not want to spend a lot on products, that’s understandable. The good news is that you can actually make car wax all on your own. It’s effortless to do and the ingredients aren’t that hard to find.

All you need is a little bit of beeswax and carnauba wax, some linseed oil, lemon/orange essential oil, and a lemon. You can find most of these in the grocery or on Amazon, so they’re very accessible. What’s great about these ingredients are that they’re all natural. You’re not only creating your own product, but you’re also helping the environment out as well.

If you want to know how to make car wax step by step on your own, head on over to Perfect Shine Housekeeping for a quick and easy tutorial.


How to Remove Car Wax?


After the extensive explanation above about car wax, you now know that your finish needs to be waxed regularly. But what not a lot of people know is that to do this successfully, you would have to take off the old layer of wax first.

Why is removing old wax essential? This is because waxes need a clean surface to effectively cure and bond. If you want your product to give you its best results, then you cannot skip this. Good thing there are lots of products specifically designed to remove wax.

A pre-wax cleaner comes in two different forms: spray on wax remover and non-abrasive polish. Just choose the one you personally prefer. If you want to learn more about car wax removal, check out Your Mechanic webpage to get an in-depth how-to guide. Shop here for the best pre-wax remover products.


Does Clay Bar Remove Wax?

Yes, it can. A clay bar is used to remove debris and contaminants on your auto’s surface. This means it can also remove wax if used correctly. What you need to do is to wash your vehicle thoroughly (as always) to give the clay bar a better chance at removing unwanted dirt.

Let your automobile dry completely before spraying clay lubricant evenly onto your top coat. Work in small sections and gently rub the clay onto the surface. You will feel friction at first and that’s just the product working its magic. Once it glides on smoothly, stop. That means you’ve successfully removed the wax, and all that’s left is to wipe off any clay residue.


How to Remove Car Wax From Black Trim?

Accidents happen! It’s not your fault. If you accidentally get car wax on your trim or buy a pre-owned auto that has this problem, worry not because there are easy solutions for it.

A little peanut butter (the smooth kind!) on a cloth can do the trick. But if you’re not comfortable with that, trim cleaners are always available in hardware stores and online.

If you want to see an awesome guide to removing wax from black plastic trims, check out this Youtube video made by ImStricken06. It’s both mind-blowingly easy and inexpensive!


What Does Car Wax Do?

Car waxes, for all intent and purpose, is used to make your coat glossy. When applied, it gives your finish added depth and clarity which allows it to look like a reflective mirror. If you want your auto to look well taken care of (or if you’re planning to enter it in a competition), it’s recommended to wax it regularly.

Waxing does not only give shine to your surface, but it also adds another thin layer of defense. Most waxes nowadays are created to repel water so that even if it rains, the drops don’t dry down on the paint. Instead, they just roll off it. This is great because the paint wouldn’t be saturated with the impurities present in acid rain.

Likewise, waxes also protect your paint from the harmful effects of the sun. Whether you’re in a sunny area or a stormy one, these products will ensure the durability of your car in the long run.


When to Wax a New Car?

“Should I wax a new car?” asked millions of caring car owners all over the world. The answer is, “Yes, you should!” That is if you want to. New cars are already equipped with a clear top coat that gives them added protection from pesky pollutants. But it’s always better to practice prevention! Don’t wait for your finish to dull. Wax it regularly to maintain that fantastic defense it already has.


What Does Car Polish Do?

Unlike popular belief, polishing is not the step that makes your coat look dazzlingly shiny. It contains mild abrasives that remove scratches and surface contaminants from your ride’s coat so that the wax can do its job better.

Surface contaminants range from hard to take off to easily removed and are caused by numerous things. The most common contaminants are tree sap, bugs, bird poo, branch scratches, and many more.

So, if you don’t want ugly imperfections and swirl marks on your car, it’s essential to buy a good brand or better yet, a good polishing kit that comes with a complete set of product for car care.

Here are some good options you can check it out:

[amazon box=”B01BKT63XM,B003UW1IQU,B00A4ABF8W” orderby=”rating” order=”desc” star_rating_link=”none”]


When to Polish Car?

When doing car paint maintenance on your ride, the first thing you need to do is to wash your car thoroughly.

Refrain from using dishwashing soap. Yes, it might be inexpensive but it has properties that can actually speed up your paint’s oxidation process and make it look dull. So, it’s better to use a friendly car cleaner (specialized shampoo) and water.

After washing, make sure that your ride is completely dry.

Car polishing is done after the wash but before the wax. Why is that you may ask?

Let’s say the surface of your ride is full of unwanted flaws and dirt, and you use the wax first. Those unattractive faults would be sealed in with the paint and polishing after would just be useless. It’s better to have a scratch-free surface first before sealing in the finish.

It’s also true that some contaminants are harder to remove and simple polish might not do the trick. This is when you turn to a buffing compound for better performance. Use this before polishing, though.


How Much Car Polish to Use?

Car polish is a necessary step in the overall upkeep of your finish, that is correct, but it doesn’t mean you need to use it all over your vehicle or use a considerable amount of it every time.

Polishers differ from containing very fine abrasives to ones that have coarser abrasives. Each does a different task, so know what your automobile specifically needs first.

One excellent car care recommendation is to only use polish in problem areas and to use it lightly. Going over a spot, again and again, is better than accidentally scraping off more of the coat than you intended.

Don’t forget that your clear coat is the first layer of security your car has and chafing it off will leave it defenseless.


How Often Do I Need to Polish My Car?

Since polishes contain ingredients that can do more harm than good if they are used quite often, it’s best to polish your car only when it needs it.

At the very least, limit your usage to once or twice a year. It’s always smart to keep in mind that frequent polishing can peel off your ride’s clear coat which would be bad for its finish in the long run.