Why is Microfiber Madness the Best Car Detailing Cloth?

There’s a microfiber madness happening in the auto world today and it’s a good idea to know what it’s about!

When you want only the best for your cars, detailing is a task you can’t skip. You don’t need to be a car enthusiast or a car professional to know that auto detailing is a necessary process for ensuring better car care.

A car wash and wax are just some of the many steps you will need to do and having the right tools and accessories will make your job a lot easier. One of the essentials you will need is a car drying towel.

You can, of course, use your best bathroom towels but they’re not really made for the job. There are more fitting kinds, like huck towels or sponge cloths. Whatever towel you choose and whether you use it for your ride’s paintwork or upholstery, you need to make sure that it will do the job well!


The microfiber madness and products are just getting started! Join the craze!


When it comes to caring for your vehicle, a drying towel is super important since you’ll be needing it for glass care, paint protection, removing water spots, and many more. You can easily become obsessed with looking for the perfect drying option.

That’s the reason why the chamois vs. microfiber debate is happening right now. Old time fans still swear by chamois but the latest premium microfiber trend is taking the rest of the auto world by storm. Microfiber towels now have many variants like the waffle weave and stores are still trying to innovate more products to accommodate the high demand.

Microfiber Madness, a Germany-based company, is one such shop. They were professional detailers who have been in the detailing business for 6 years before coming up with their brand.

As detailers, they wanted to give their customers an elite finish but were having a hard time looking for a product worthy to be used in their garage. All the stores were selling okay quality when they wanted only the best. So, their solution was to create their own.

Therefore, in this article, we’ll explore:


Microfiber Madness Towels


Since each product was formulated and designed through the real-life experiences of auto professionals, you can be assured of the first-class quality of the Microfiber Madness brand. From wash mitts to applicators to a remover, there’s a product that can easily help you finish detailing your car better.

You can use them with shampoos, electric polishers, waxes, and sealants on the exterior for amazing shine. But you can also use them together with conditioners for leather care in the interior. There are so many benefits!

They may not be as popular as brands like Meguiar’s and Chemical Guys, but they do the job as great as this big time names! Get to know more about their amazing products below and think about getting them as well!

1. Microfiber Madness IncrediPad

The Incredipad is one of the most well-known products of the brand and is part of their popular ‘Incredi’ series. The creators knew that there are people out there who do not like using mitts for car washing but still want the benefits of microfiber.

So they created the Incredipad. It is a hybrid between a typical soft foam pad and a microfiber towel. The Incredipad’s interior sponge can absorb a lot of water while its soft microfiber bristles can get small dirt particles without leaving any scratches. Talk about an ergonomically sound design!

It is made up of 92% polyester and 8% viscose. At 8” by 6” by 1.5”, it comes in a very handy size. But if you want something a bit bigger, the Microfiber Madness IncrediPad XL is 9.5” by 9.5” by 3.375”.

Microfiber Madness IncrediPad Review

By the time you use this, you’ll experience how much thought and effort came with formulating its design.

It is very soft so it won’t damage your car’s finish at all. The sponge can absorb tons of water and can carry a lot of your car shampoo’s suds which adds another soft, scratch-free layer to your washing. It may not look like much and some say that it seems too flimsy, but don’t let appearances fool you.

This wash pad is exceptionally durable and can last you a long time. It’s perfect for people who like to clean their car regularly. You wouldn’t need to keep changing your products!

2. Microfiber Madness IncrediMitt

Mitts for car washing aren’t new. They’ve been around a long time to help the average car owner clean his vehicle. But some mitts are uncomfortable to wear even when they were initially made for comfort.

Since the founders of Microfiber Madness know this unfortunate predicament, they created a specially designed mitt that can give you the best benefits of any mitt plus the comfort that everyone desires.

IncrediMitt has 92% polyester and 8% viscose and is created with a special type of fiber that glides smoothly on surfaces. This allows you to experience the best cleaning even on poorly maintained finishes. So, get ready for a brand-new looking car!

It comes in a handy 10” by 8” size and even has special features on the inside. Unlike other mitts, the IncrediMitt has a handle you can hold on to so that it isn’t accidentally removed from your hand. It’s also made of super soft, bed-linen material to ensure your hands feel good while using them.

Plus, the IncrediMitt is washer and dryer friendly so clean up is easy. It even comes in an awesome zipper bag which is great for dry storage.

Microfiber Madness IncrediMitt Review

If you compare the IncrediMitt to other washing mitts, it’s hands down a whole lot better. The mere fact that it has subtle extra details like the interior handle makes using the product a whole lot easier than others.

It also holds an incredible amount of water and the ultra-soft bristles allow for gentle, scrape-free cleaning. They also grab a lot of tiny dirt and grime with no problem at all. It even lasts you a super long time.

After twenty uses, you will witness just how long this mitt could last because the strands are still in tip-top shape (as if you just bought it yesterday!). So, yes, its regular price might be a tad expensive but it’s totally worth every penny!

3. Microfiber Madness IncrediPole

If you own a medium-sized car, it’s highly possible to reach all corners of it when washing. Yes, even the middle of the roof. But for larger vehicles like an RV, SUV, MPV or even a boat, there are parts that you just can’t reach.

So you resort to using products with long poles but harsh bristles, exposing your paintwork to a higher probability of scratches. You might also create makeshift brush pads by taping cloth to a long handle but that can also leave scrapes if you’re not careful.

Don’t worry! IncrediPole is the answer to your auto prayers. It is created with special gliding fiber that allows for gentle washing as well as getting tiny dirt particles off your finish. Its incredible 60-centimeter pole enables you to wash even the hardest to reach corners of your ride.

The pole is even extendable to about 138 centimeters and is made up of rust-free materials like high-grade plastic and aluminum so you don’t have to worry about getting it wet.

4. Microfiber Madness IncrediBrush

One other useful product by this excellent brand is the Incredibrush. If you want an easy tool for proper tire cleaning, this is the brush to use.

It’s made up of the same material as the other products in the ‘Incredi’ series, 92% polyester and 8% viscose. So, you know that it’ll also provide you with the same gentle yet effective results of the others.

It is sized at a comfortable 44 centimeters and even comes with two different heads for better performance. The Microfiber Madness IncrediBrush Flat and Regular have two different washing functions that allow for a more thorough wheel cleaning. That’s something you don’t get with most wheel brushes on the market nowadays!

5. Microfiber Madness Wheel Brush

The founders of the brand were appalled at how the market is saturated with wheel or tire brushes that are created with nylon bristles. Not only does it cause a lot of splatters while using (making your work clothes messy), it can even harm your beautiful tires.

So buying the IncrediBrush is a sound investment if you want your tires to last longer and perform better. The handle is made up of high-grade stainless steel so you don’t need to worry about rusting. It even comes with an innovative knuckle protection design so you can wash away with no worries at all.

6. Microfiber Madness Pad

The brand even comes with great applicator pads so that you can put auto products effectively and easily. The Waxing Moon pad is sized at 12.5 centimeters and is made up of 75% polyester and 25% polyamide. It fits perfectly in the hand allowing for a more ergonomic application. You can choose to use it for exterior or interior car use as well. How versatile!

  • Updated August 30, 2018
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