Guide on How to Clean A Boat Interior and Finding Interior Boat Cleaning Service Near You

Cars aren’t just the modes of transportation we need to maintain. Aside from car detailing, larger vehicles have their own specialized services and detailing packages too. Motorhomes have RV detailing and even smaller ones like motorbikes have motorcycle detailing.

It comes as no surprise that even marine vehicles have their own, like boat detailing. If you want to keep your boat well-maintained both in appearance and performance, better avail professional detailing services.


Know more about boat detailing tips and procedures

Like most automobile detailing services, boat cleaning isn’t just about maintaining the physical appearance of your ride. It’s also about making sure that it’s in tip-top shape before you go sailing in the waters. Since boats are exposed to a lot of elements like the harmful UV rays of the sun and the pH level of saltwater, they will need super solid protection.

If you want only the best detailing experience, make sure to get detailers that have the experience with working on boats. You can even avail mobile detailing services so that they can fix up your boat wherever it’s convenient for you.

But since it’s not a usual auto-service, you might be curious as to how the whole boat detailing service goes. Read on to get a basic walkthrough of what happens when you have your boat detailed.

So, in this article, we’ll explore:


How to Detail a Boat Exterior?


Just like with cars, giving your boat an exterior wash is highly important. Not only does a basic washing remove surface imperfections like bird droppings and mildew, but it can also remove oxidation caused by the sun. Other services like applying polish and wax will give your boat’s gel coat added protection.

A good waxing and polishing process is also essential for your boat’s performance since it can help lessen resistance from the waves and make your ride smoother. It is also more fuel-efficient and economical since a properly waxed hull allows your boat to move faster on less fuel.

Cleaning and detailing the exterior of your boat is quite similar to doing so with your car. First, you need to rinse it with clean water to remove dirt and grime. A pressure wash would do a great job of this. The second step would be to clean it with soap and not just any soap, but a special boat cleaning one.

To save more money, make sure to get a Boat Cleaner that can be used on your gel coat, vinyl, and fabric. Make sure to work on small sections and to not leave the soap too long. Doing so may affect your finish and worsen its condition.

Third, buff the surface with a rotary buffer to put back some shine to your coat, and apply some wax to get that amazing gloss that’s a perfect finishing touch. If you’re more of a visual learner, you might appreciate this video uploaded by First Mate Yacht Care.



How to Detail a Boat Interior?

Interior boat detailing is a detailing service that ensures that your boat’s upholstery remains clean. A simple wash and dry method can prolong the good quality of your interior so that you can be assured of a more comfortable time in the water.

Firstly, you must scrub the surfaces clean with a multi-surface cleaner that’s appropriate for both vinyl and fabric. Then, you must rinse it off. Once everything is dry, an interior vacuum will take away all the inaccessible and stubborn dirt that remains. Lastly, use a metal polish to brighten details such as aluminum poles.


How to Clean Boat Vinyl Parts?

Now you have clean walls, clean seats, and a clean carpet. Good for you! But you may still be asking yourself a question, how to clean white vinyl boat seats. Like all other routines, the first thing you need to do is wash it with mild soap and water.

Once you’ve finished, rinse it off and let the vinyl dry. For deep cleaning, wash your vinyl surfaces once more with a specialized surface cleaner to remove sunscreen and other particles that might have penetrated the vinyl. Remove with a microfiber towel or soft cloth.

Since your interior is also exposed to harsh elements like UV rays, it’s best to give it an added shield. Use an aerospace protectant to avoid stains and add about 3 to 5 weeks of UV defense.


How Long Does It Take to Detail a Boat?


Not all boats come in the same size, that’s true. Regardless of this, it is also a fact that boats usually come in much larger sizes than your regular mid-sized car. If it takes only a few hours to detail a car, it’s safe to say that detailing a boat will take longer. It can probably last for a few days, at least. So it’s better to schedule your appointment long before you need to set sail.

Like all other packages, boat detailing prices vary from place to place. This is largely due to the demand for the service as well as the prices of supplies. As such, most detailing shops will do pricing according to size, probably per foot. To get the exact price for your boat, it’s best to get an estimate from a few shops and choose from there.

Since you know the basics of boat detailing, you might also want to check out a few more tips here.


Chat In a Boat Detailing Forum

Like engine detailing, boat maintenance is a service that not all shops carry because of its highly specialized manner. That’s why it can prove difficult to find a detailing company that actually carries it.

Go to internet forums to know more about how you can find the perfect shop for you and other detailing inquiries. Since people here have experience getting the service, forums can actually be a treasure trove of information for you.

Try going online and reading through archives found in The Hull Truth, Lake Winnipesaukee, and YBW. You can even do one better and engage in the conversations. Ask your questions, answer queries, and make friends with people who have the same interests.

Since boat detailing isn’t a common service, an online community that’s dedicated to giving information about it will be an important asset to have moving forward.

  • Updated November 1, 2018
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NB Boat - April 4, 2019

Thank you for all the tips and information!

Jack Golitz - May 26, 2019

We have recently started our new boat detailing service company and came across this article. I really appreciate you getting into how the outer elements can leave a boat needing protection. A solid polish and wax is a must before getting your boat ready for the summer season.

Alice Carroll - August 21, 2020

Thanks for the tip that a thorough scrubbing would be needed before any detailing can be done on my boat. After many months of not being able to use it due to the pandemic and also my busy schedule, I’m planning to finally go boating once again. A trip to a marine service will be needed for sure in order to make sure that my boat is looking good inside and out.


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